Tuesday, April 16, 2019

This is my first payment from lootbits.io

I received it to my blockchain.com wallet address after ~4 hours from request.

I opened boxes for several days before reaching the poayment. In the beginning I didn't have many refs so it was harder but later I invited some friends and everything became faster.

It also depends on your luck :)

HEre's screnshot:
USe the link on the image to get some additional gems (add ?invite=9370 to the link).


IF you don;t know about Lootbits its basically a site where you open surprise boxes and you can find Bitcoins inside. The coins are sent to your wallet when you reach 0.049. You can also play lotto, jungle and other games to get gems and use the gems to open boxes. My favorite are offers because they give you the most guaranteed gems, everything else is gambling and risky.

Other tips: invite your friends and increase level. Come back hourly to get free gems.