Tuesday, April 16, 2019

This is my first payment from lootbits.io

I received it to my blockchain.com wallet address after ~4 hours from request.

I opened boxes for several days before reaching the poayment. In the beginning I didn't have many refs so it was harder but later I invited some friends and everything became faster.

It also depends on your luck :)

HEre's screnshot:
USe the link on the image to get some additional gems (add ?invite=9370 to the link).


IF you don;t know about Lootbits its basically a site where you open surprise boxes and you can find Bitcoins inside. The coins are sent to your wallet when you reach 0.049. You can also play lotto, jungle and other games to get gems and use the gems to open boxes. My favorite are offers because they give you the most guaranteed gems, everything else is gambling and risky.

Other tips: invite your friends and increase level. Come back hourly to get free gems.


  1. Hi. Thanks. A lot of people told me that lootbits is a scam.
    pls is that a real screenshot

    1. is that a real screenshot?

    2. Hi youssef, i have some questions:
      *why lootbits doesn't have support service?!
      *there is a coupon area, how can i receive codes?
      Answer me by mail please.

  2. Hi thanks for sharing payment screenshot .I am going to use this on HamziOnline24.blogspot.com with your referral link.

  3. Can you show us also the Transaction ID of this bitcoin transaction? Because I see a lot of payment proof but never a transaction ID. Also not in your Lootbits account?? https://lootbits.io/?invite=203341

  4. Hello,
    Is lootbits a scam or legit!
    Is this screenshot real . . please response!

  5. Salut ce site paye vraiment on entend des rumeurs donc on sait c'est quoi le c'est quoi le faux svp repondez

  6. Salut!
    Essayez, c'est super sympa! C'est gratuit! Je pense que c'est une forme de minage mais on peut gagner des parts de Bitcoins et c'est rapide!
    Si vous voulez me rejoindre :

  7. Il faut savoir prendre des risques.
    Ici je n'en vois pas c'est gratuit. Vous êtes récompensés pour faire du minage.

  8. J'ai une invitation à vous faire.
    Soyez dans les premiers, ça fait le buzz

    Maintenant, à vous de faire quelque chose pour la planète. Et de vous faire payer pour ça.

    La bonne nouvelle : les deux sont faciles l’un comme l’autre.

    Copiez et envoyez ce lien pour inviter vos amis


  9. https://lootbits.io/?invite=499950

  10. I am testing lootbits I'm t 50% complete I will update if it is real or fake

  11. Please, someone helps reset wallet on lootbits!!! Thanks!!!!

  12. Scam or legit, please conform to us

  13. vous n'avez même pas essayé jusqu'au retrait d'abord et vous parlez? essayer et faite le retrait d'abord. .prenez des risques bon sang

  14. Is this app legit of fake, cause in the t&c they say that they do not deal with real money,, so how it possible that r giving real Bitcoins?

  15. Pl pl pl make it clear whether lootbits is scam or real